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My-Agile way of working


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The agile way of working and thinking started off amongst others in IT to execute projects more effective and efficient. In the meantime this approach reached also the organisational level such that a whole organisation goes agile for all projects.This adds e.g. considerations about cooperation with customers and suppliers which might not be working agile at all or on a different maturity level.

On the other hand downscaling to the individual level of working seems also to be worthwhile. This covers of course working agile as a team member of an agile It project. But the approach and the methods are not limited to this.

Agile way of working could also be applied to other type of projects or other type of work like change management or building an organisation, where a specific start and end could be identified.

It might be also possible to stretch the concepts to continuous type of work, when e.g. a backlog can be defined or  improvements are required.

In summary, whith some abstractions and adaptations agile (management) concepts could be worth considering as one way of working and thinking in business (and maybe also private) life.

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